2020 Exclusive Design Car Mount Dashboard

Although navigation sometimes makes mistakes, it is still standard for every driver. Car navigation has more or less slow software version updates, poor positioning, and poor experience. Most drivers still choose to use mobile phone navigation. When using mobile phone navigation, they encounter the problem of mobile phone placement. In order not to affect safety, old drivers will buy a mobile phone holder to fix the mobile phone. The driver’s choice, find out today.

The appearance and design of this bracket are still very beautiful. The overall design is pure black. The edge of the main body of the bracket is still a high-reflective design, which adds a little aura to the product. The overall texture is also quite good and more atmospheric.

This car bracket can be adjusted at any angle up, down, left, and right, completely achieving the free state of free placement and adjustment.
The overall workmanship of the product is still very fine, and the details are also considered comprehensively. It is also very user-friendly. It is worth mentioning that an opening is reserved at the bottom to facilitate mobile phone charging. use.

The intimate stand used in horizontal screen can not shake off, but in the high quality of the stand, you are indispensable. On the basis of non-slip silicone, it won’t hurt the mobile phone. The clamp arm has a flexible silicone layer. A good partner, full of quality, easier to pick and place with one hand, the phone can be locked at the touch of a button, your must-have, easy to operate, with the help of this stand, it is indispensable for your daily life, full of quality Bracket 360 ° rotatable, non-slip silicone, suitable for any car model and model, free hands to travel safely. Universal multi-functional car phone holder, sucker-type stable double, gravity linkage, one-touch clamping, one-button locking intimate bracket, its design is in place, easy-to-use bracket, showing high style, its base can be retractable , Do not block the keys, your good partner, in the high quality of the bracket, easily remove many of your troubles, is your best choice.