Can the power bank be taken on the plane? It looks like a suitcase!

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Can the power bank be taken on the plane? It looks like a suitcase!

A few days ago, the customs computer systems at several airports in the United States broke down. Because they were unable to handle transit formalities, a large number of passengers were stranded at the airport. In this case, of course, people use their mobile phones to pass the time, and the charging sockets available in public places are limited. At this time, they need their own charging treasure. JHC has a charging treasure. The shape of the suitcase is particularly suitable for traveling, and it complements your real suitcase. Many people are worried that the power bank can be taken on the plane? As a power bank specially designed for travel, only you can’t go, without you, JHC power bank can of course be brought on the plane.

1. Large capacity to meet your daily needs

The most important parameter of a power bank is the battery capacity. A large-capacity power bank allows you to ensure sufficient battery life at any time when you are traveling. For example, JHC’s A8QC charging treasure has a large capacity of up to 26800mAH, which can charge iPhone 8 phones ten times! Even if you are a heavy mobile phone user, this power bank can let you use your mobile phone for three or four days without worrying about power. However, when traveling by air, the requirements for the power bank are very high. Can such a large-capacity power bank be brought on board? At present civil aviation requires that the rated energy of the power bank of the aircraft cannot exceed 100wh. The rated energy of the JHC power bank meets the requirements and is specially designed for travel. It is certainly no problem to take an airplane to travel.

2. Fast charging technology saves you time

Now is the era of fast charging, a mobile phone can be filled in more than an hour, for people who go out to play fast charging can bring great convenience. However, many mobile phones can only be charged quickly using the official plug, and JHC Power Bank solves this problem. JHC charging treasure supports a variety of output power, most models support QC protocol 18W fast charge, A6PD models also support PD protocol 30W, 45W fast charge.

3. Multiple devices can supply power

JHC Power Bank can not only charge your mobile phone fast, but also charge tablets and computers. It is really a one-stop solution to your various power problems. Since the power of the JHC power bank is so high, many people travel by plane. Does anyone worry that this power bank can be brought on board? Although it can be fast charged with high power, the technology has been verified in accordance with safety standards, so there is no need to worry about whether the charger can be brought on board.

4. Drop-proof and shock-proof to ensure safety

Charging treasures are often equipped with large-capacity batteries. Once the safety hazards occur, the consequences are still very serious, which is why the airport has strict requirements for charging treasures. Someone has to ask here. Can this charger be taken on an airplane? JHC power bank has strict security controls. The appearance of the suitcase gives this power bank a hard shell, even if it is run over by a sports car. Therefore, the answer to the question of whether a charging bank with such a sense of security can be carried on an airplane is naturally self-evident.

The appearance of the suitcase allows you to go out and become a beautiful landscape. The large capacity allows you to completely worry about the mobile phone running out of power during the trip. The ultra-high safety index makes you no longer have to question whether the charger can be brought on the plane. . I heard that the JHC power bank designed for travel and suitcases is more suitable.