Do you believe in mobile power expansion? JHC power bank really did it!

JHC intelligent mobile power supply focuses on “storage expansion”, cross-platform supports Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS multiple systems, it is convenient to connect various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc. for data sharing. You can access its inserted Micro SD memory card through the app, and photos, music, videos, and even all kinds of documents can be directly browsed and managed, which is called “portable video library”.

Mobile power can expand mobile phone capacity? JHC did it!

The JHC Smart Mobile Power App has a resource download function that can download various online resources from many mainstream video / audio websites directly to the inserted Micro SD card, thereby greatly reducing the occupation of mobile phone storage space. In the future, with the upgrade of the App, this function can be further enhanced, making it easier for users to obtain various resources.

In terms of value, the JHC smart mobile power 5500mAh ultra-thin version is only 9 mm thick. The streamlined design can be easily placed in the shirt pocket. The shell is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. It is available in gold, silver and gray. 349 yuan. If you have troubles with insufficient mobile phone capacity and battery power, don’t miss it. After all, you can get a Samsung 32GB Micro SD memory card, which not only saves money, but also does not require extra energy to buy again.

If you need a power bank, JHC smart power bank can meet your needs. If you need a device that can expand, JHC intelligent mobile power can also meet. If you have both, then there may be no other choice now, what do you think?