How American can be conquerred by the popsockets phone grip on hot selling INSTAGRAM?

Do you encounter these questions when playing the mobile phone?

Ever dropped a screen on your face when lying and playing tablet or mobile phone can’t be caught?

or you are confused that your earphone cable can be winded when not listening the music?

Or accidentally knocked over the cup, coffee infiltrated the phone, the phone blows against the fan for a night and found or to repair?

However, I found that the same artifact can solve the above three problems, it is –PopSockets.It is a phone stand that emits “pop” sound.

Suction cup provides a full, glued to the iPad do not have to worry about the solid problem.

Besides it is as the phone holder, PopSocket can put the phone rack in various positions, it is convenience for work.Now a lot of app can only be used in mobile phones, but also picked up the phone to work half to see, with PopSocket both saves time, but also to protect the cervical spine.

When listening to songs, the headphone cable is too long sparse pull easily tangled together?
PopSocket can help you roll up, the music experience has become fresh .

PopSocket can also liberate his hands, holding the phone can also affect other things.
For example, two fingers clamped PopSocket, did not affect their own cup.Even on the table, PopSocket can also play the remaining heat, to avoid touching the cup cause phone seepage.

PopSocket can be glued to the wall, but also as a hook to hang things.

Why PopSocket so easy to use?
Because PopSocket patented airbag design, you need to support the open, you do not need to press, it has three stalls to adjust the stretch, you can adjust the gear according to the actual situation.