TWS Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Solution

With the gradual popularization of Bluetooth audio, the user’s demand for audio experience is getting higher and higher. At present, the TWS function on the market has solved the connection of the left and right speakers completely from wired to wireless independent.

For this application, Qualcomm’s CSR put forward this TWS concept: True Wireless Stereo, as if the previous Bluetooth were fake wireless stereo, but the people have adopted various names: TWS for headphones is called right ear, binaural Wireless, the TWS of the speaker is called pair box, double cannon, etc, which means the same, the mobile phone can be connected to a receiving section, and the receiving end will give the stereo to the other receiving end by wireless. stereo. Take audio as an example:

The speakers of this method are not new now, and strollers, see them all. Lang Qin, Cool I and other brands have products on sale. You can see that there are obvious sound fields when you place them on both sides.

Not only can be used individually, but two can also be connected by pairing with each other. The two are synchronized to play music to make the atmosphere more hilarious. The connection of two single speakers will become stereo, and the connection of two stereo speakers can become four. Channel playback, making the sound field stronger.