How to choose the emergency car jump starter

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How to choose the emergency car jump starter correctly?

How to choose the emergency car jump starter

The emergency start-up power supply of a car is a tool that accompanies the entire life process of a car. The internal environment of a car can sometimes be very harsh, such as extreme high and low temperatures, severe bumps, humidity or dryness.
Dryness, etc., this puts forward high requirements for the manufacturing level of car emergency power supplies. There have been incidents of car emergency power supply explosions in general. Whether it can be used is still a matter of second, but first of all, no one wants to buy a time bomb and put it in a certain corner of the car. Therefore, the car emergency start-up power supply first depends on whether the safety technology is up to standard.

Battery Capacity:
The emergency start-up power supply for a car is essentially a mobile power supply, and a key indicator to measure whether the mobile power supply is excellent is whether its battery capacity is large enough to start the car many times without charging halfway, especially in the case of long-distance travel or self-driving travel, large capacity is a strong backing for peace of mind.

It is not enough to be able to start the car well. It would be better if it could provide other practical functions by the way, such as providing more interfaces to charge other electronic products. When mobile phones, tablets, cameras, etc. are out of power, they can also be used for emergency relief, lighting can be provided at night, and remote places can also ask for help.

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