Does a Wireless Charger Work on All Mobile Phones?

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Wireless chargers do not work on all mobile phones, and they need the mobile phone to have wireless quick charge function. To know wether your mobile phone has this function, first you need to find out whether your mobile phone support wireless charging and how many watts it supports.

Generally, we can find the answer through asking the mobile phone manufacturer when we buy phones or checking phone manuals. Actually, Android's flagship mobile phones in 2019 have basically started to support wireless quick charge technology.

Another thing to note is the output power conversion rate of wireless charging. The output power of wireless fast charger 10W is generally between 5W and 7W after conversion.

In fact, although wireless chargers do not charge as quickly as you think, they perform well compared with the time when there was no fast charging. After all, the iPhone 11 is still equipped with its original 5W power adapter.

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