1000W Outdoor Portable Power Station

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High-power energy storage power supply, outdoor power supply, source factory - support customized (100W-4000W) energy storage, support super fast charging, car power supply, APP customization and other energy storage solutions.

We use high-rate automotive-grade power cells that have passed the UL certification to support fast charging with fast-charging patented technology, which not only increases the charging speed in a step-by-step manner, but also greatly improves the service life of the battery. High-rate automotive-grade power cells prevent the battery from exploding due to short circuit, overvoltage, high temperature and other problems, which greatly prolongs the battery life; JHC's patented fast charging technology breaks through the limitations of the adapter, and the AC power is directly plugged and charged. The input power can reach up to 1200W, far exceeding the 60W and 120W of the traditional technology of the same industry, allowing the battery to achieve extremely fast fast charging; in the case of safe fast charging and no damage to the battery, JHC can fully charge the device in less than 2 hours , let outdoor travel say go.


1.Highest Capacity Portable Power Station.
2.Multiple Output for all your devices.
3.Fast Recharge.
3 Ways to Charge: 1.Solar Panel Recharge (not included) 2.Wall Socket Recharge (Adapt included) 3.Generator

Packing By:Carton & Foam 
Carton Size:498*325*380mm 
Carton Gross Weight:About 19.5kgs

1.Blender,Coffee Maker,Electric Grill and Pressure Cooker by AC output with 1000W to 1200W.
2.Drone CPAP,Go Pro and Mini Cooler by DC output with 25.5V/6A. 
3.Smart Phone,Light,USB fan and Mac-book by 10 USB port with QC3.0 fast charge.


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