Which type of car emergency charger is good? What are their pros and cons?

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Car emergency chargers are also known as car emergency start power supplies and car emergency start charging treasures. Because of their small size and convenience, they can quickly start the car. Everyone loves them. So which type of car emergency charger is good? What are their respective What are the advantages and disadvantages? We know that no matter what kind of power supply, the requirements for the discharge rate are extremely high

1. Capacitor Type

Supercapacitor: The advantages are small and portable, the discharge current is large, the charging is fast, and the life is long;

2. Lithium-ion type

a. Polymer lithium cobalt oxide battery: the advantages are small, beautiful, multi-functional, portable, and long standby time; the disadvantage is that high temperature will explode, low temperature can not be used, the protection circuit is complex, cannot be overloaded, the capacity is small, and the high-quality products are expensive.

b. Lithium iron phosphate battery: the advantages are small and portable, beautiful, long standby time, long life, higher temperature resistance than polymer batteries, and can be used at low temperature below -10 °C; the disadvantage is that high temperature above 70 °C is unsafe, and the protection circuit is complex, The capacity is smaller than that of wound batteries and the price is more expensive than that of polymer batteries.

3. Types of lead acid

a. Traditional flat lead-acid batteries: the advantages are cheap, extensive and durable, and high temperature safety; the disadvantages are bulky, frequent charging and maintenance, dilute sulfuric acid is easy to leak or dry out, and it cannot be used at low temperatures below 0 °C.

b. Winding battery: The advantage is that it is cheap, small and portable, safe at high temperature, can be used at low temperature below -10°C, simple maintenance, and long life; the disadvantage is that it is relatively large in volume and weight, and has fewer functions than lithium batteries.

The car emergency charger is a multi-functional portable power bank developed for car lovers and business people. Its characteristic function is to start the car when the car is out of power or unable to start the car for other reasons. At the same time, it combines the air pump with emergency power supply, outdoor lighting and other functions. It is one of the must-have products for outdoor travel.

The design concept of the car emergency charger is easy to operate, easy to carry, and able to deal with various emergency situations. At present, there are two main types of emergency car chargers on the market, one is lead-acid battery, the other is lithium polymer, just like Angjia car emergency start power supply is produced by lithium polymer battery , The lead-acid battery type of automotive emergency starting power is more traditional, using a maintenance-free lead-acid battery, the quality and volume are large, the corresponding battery capacity, starting current, etc. will be relatively large.

These products are generally equipped with an air pump, and also have functions such as overcurrent, overload, overcharge and reverse connection indication protection, which can charge various electronic products, and some products also have functions such as inverters.

Lithium-polymer automotive emergency starter power supplies are relatively trendy and are a recent product. They are light in weight and compact in size, and can be mastered with one hand. Such products are generally not equipped with an air pump, have an overcharge shutdown function, and have a relatively powerful lighting function, which can supply power to various electronic products. The lighting of such products generally has the function of flashing or SOS remote LED rescue signal light, which is more practical.

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