2023 Newest 12000mah Car Jump Starter Emergency Kit

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Our 12000MAH car battery booster can protect your car batteries, and equipment from damage caused by overcharging. These functions include overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, short circuit, battery low voltage, high-temperature discharge, high temperature, and low-temperature protection for charging. Fail-safe audible technology notifies you if the jumper cables are not installed correctly. If the jumper cable is incorrect, the fault will be notified to you via safety sound technology.

Easier to Read Battery Level
Different from usual jumper starters on the market, our jumper starter has a built-in LCD screen to help displace readout more intuitive, it can easily tell you the exact figure. That is much more convenient than other jumper starters which only have 4 bars to let you estimate the power percentage.

Works As A Power Bank
One of the extra functions designed for the jump starter: it comes with a Type-C input and output port for more charging purposes. It can not only charge mobile phones and tablets as a power bank.

2023 Newest 12000mah Car Jump Starter Emergency Kit

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