Features of Smart Home Products

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Now many consumers, if they want to decorate their houses, the intelligent decoration style is everyone's favorite, and it is also very popular now. The smart home system can make our life very convenient, and it is of great help to improve the quality of my life. That is, if we all want to install a smart home system, what are the more commonly used smart home products? What? Xiaobian will briefly introduce some categories of smart home products and some functions of different products for you today. I hope to help you understand, so that we can better buy smart home products in the future. A good home life experience.

Features of Smart Home Products

If you want to ask how smart home products are classified, the editor thinks that smart home products can be classified in this way. The main subsystems included in the smart home system are: home wiring system, home network system, smart home (central) control management system, home lighting control system, home security system, background music system, home theater and multimedia system, home Environmental control system and other eight systems, of which smart home (central) control management system, home lighting control system, home security system are essential systems.

Speaking of the functions of smart home products, in fact, there are still many functions of smart home products. The most common functions are as follows:

1. Intelligent lighting control: You can use a variety of intelligent control methods such as remote control to realize the control of lighting scene effects such as switching and dimming of the whole house lighting.

2.Intelligent electrical appliance control: The weak current is used to control the strong current, and the control of various electrical appliances can be realized by remote control, timing and other control methods. For example, intelligent temperature control, no matter where people are, they can remotely control the home's air conditioning, floor heating, fresh air and other systems to provide users with a constant temperature and comfortable indoor environment.

3. Security monitoring system: Implement the automatic monitoring and management of the security protection system. In the event of a fire, harmful gas leakage, theft and other accidents in the house, the security monitoring system can automatically alarm. When the user is not at home, they can also view the surveillance video in real time through a computer, mobile phone, etc., and perform remote control.

4. Intelligent background music: At any location in the home, you can systematically combine various audio sources such as MP3, FM, DVD, computer, etc., so that every room can hear wonderful background music and beautify the space. effect.

5. Intelligent video sharing: The digital TV set-top boxes, DVDs, video recorders, satellite receivers and other video equipment are centrally installed in hidden places. The system can allow TVs in the living room, dining room, bedroom and other rooms to share the home video library. And you can select your favorite audio source to watch through the remote control.

6. Home theater system: It is to build a system close to the theater effect in the home environment, so that users can enjoy movies at the theater effect level and listen to the music enjoyment brought by professional-level audio at home.

7. Intelligent watering system: You can set up automatic watering every N days. When you are too busy and have no time to take care of the garden, you can check the home situation on the computer. Press the automatic watering button to water the entire garden according to the set mode.

8. System integration control: In line with the purpose of effectively improving the utility rate of the product, minimizing the cost and maximizing the function, the user can achieve lighting control, electrical control, and security alarm only by integrating smart home products in the system. , background music, video sharing and weak electricity information and other functions.

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