How many steps for the car start

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The car must be started correctly in order to achieve a relatively smooth start, so the steps and techniques for the correct start operation must be followed in accordance with three key points.

How many steps for the car start

Point one:

Look, it's just a circle around the car, mainly depending on the appearance and environment of the car, to see if there are obstacles in front and behind the car, whether there are suspicious oil stains or water stains on the ground where the car is parked, whether the front and rear lamp assemblies are damaged, and whether the tire pressure is sufficient.

Point two:

To check is to understand whether the engine oil and cooling water are sufficient, and whether the front and rear lighting, signal lights and instruments are working normally. It is mainly to check the technical status of the interior of the car.Lift off the engine hood, take out the dipstick to check whether the height of the oil is normal, and unscrew the water tank cover to check whether the water level is normal, because the oil and cooling water are the "life protection shield" of the engine. If they go wrong, the engine is prone to problems. It is necessary to check the condition of oil and water frequently.

At the same time, don't forget to check the coolant and brake fluid. Most of the liquid storage tanks of these liquids are transparent and can be seen at a glance.Then, turn the ignition key to the open position and check whether the various meters and indicators on the dashboard show normal.Turn on and off the small lights, headlights, meeting lights, fog lights, turn signals, fault lights, reverse gear lights and brake lights in turn. Special attention should be paid to turn signals and brake lights, regardless of day or night, these two types of signal lights are the most relevant to driving safety, and they must be maintained in good condition at all times.

Point three:

To start, it is to turn the ignition key to start the engine when the first two items are normal. Each start time should not exceed ten seconds. Here, it should be noted that during cold start, press the throttle gently and gradually, and avoid immediately increasing the throttle as soon as it starts to increase the engine speed sharply, because the crankshaft speed rises sharply in an instant during cold start, and the oil is too late to be delivered to the bearing position, which can easily cause damage to the bearing.After the engine starts, pay close attention to changes in oil pressure, water temperature, charging, and instrument or instrument lights. When the instrument meets the normal value or the instrument lights are off, the car can be start

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